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The Meat Market


Beef + Pork

Looking for a prime rib roast or crown roast of pork? Look no further! We offer a wide variety of beef and pork including NY and Rib Eye Steaks, meat for Philly's and Braciole, stew meat, lean ground beef and more. Please order in advance and we will get you the best cut!



You won't find a better selection of veal anywhere else! We stock veal for scallopini, veal for stew, veal shank for osso buco, veal chops and ground veal, perfect for your bolognese sauce! You can find these cuts in our freezer.



We have the birds! We carry all natural duck and fryer chickens in our freezer. We also offer quail, goose and other poultry. Please order in advance.



We offer rack of lamb, lamb chops, leg of lamb and lamb roasts. Call for current stock or order 2-3 days in advance for your special feast.